Multi Unit Residential Building Charging Program

Due to high interest and uptake, applications to the MURB program are now closed. A portion of unallocated funds will be directed towards specific projects or niche locations.  Contact directly for more information. 

We are pleased to announce the Multi Unit Residential Building Charging Program. Funded by the Province of British Columbia, and administered by Fraser Basin Council, this program supports the cost and installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), informally known as charging stations, in existing multi unit residential buildings (MURBs). The information provided in this guide outlines the eligibility and application process, and provides further program details.

View the webinar on the program below. This covers program eligibility, criteria, case studies, and answers questions from those who attended the webinar.

If you have any questions, contact Ryan Davis at Fraser Basin Council:


Phone: 604-488-5365


Program Description

Application (Now Closed)


Manufacturer & Supplier List

Navigating Strata


Additionally, a Program Guide is available for download. All the information on the program can be located here. It is recommended that you view these documents prior to applying for funding.