Service Networks


You might have just bought or borrowed an EV for the first time and are wondering where to charge up your vehicle when not at home. There are over 600 public charging stations in B.C. but while many of these stations do not charge a usage fee, some will require you to have an access card to start the device. There are three prominent networks in B.C: Flo (The VERnetwork™), ChargePoint, and Greenlots, each with their own system, and membership cards, which are easy, and low cost or free. To save time and possible frustration, it’s recommended that you register for these three networks ahead of time.

Accessing DC Fast Charging Stations

Currently Greenlots is the only network used for B.C.’s DC Fast Charging stations, and at this time most DC Fast Charger hosts are charging a set rate of $.35 per KW used, with a minimum $2 transaction. Getting a Greenlots membership is free and members can order RFID cards online for a $9 fee. The network offers an option to preload the card for use at stations that do require payment. The card can be automatically topped-up when its balance drops below $5. Their free mobile app for iPhone or Android allows users to “pay as you go” using the credit card associated with the account. Users can also get notification when the vehicle is done charging. Sign up for Greenlots.

Accessing Public Level 2 stations

ChargePoint membership along with a pair of ChargePoint Cards are free and can be used at any station that does not charge for its use. With the first use of a ChargePoint Enabled Charging Station that requires payment, an initial prepaid balance of $25 will be charged to the credit card. The session fees associated with the charging session will be deducted from that balance. The balance on the account will be automatically refilled once it falls below $10. A mobile app is also available to members to authorize the station use and will show stations availability in real-time. Members can also get notifications during their charging session, track fuel and greenhouse gas savings and view charging history. ChargePoint also accepts the use of contactless credit card with RFID chip at their charging stations. Sign up for ChargePoint.

Flo (previously known as the VERnetwork™) is the network used by AddEnergie Stations. Joining is free, however, there is a $10 fee for members wanting to use an idVER™ card to charge a vehicle. The card can be obtained online by filling up a registration form. Members can use a mobile app or a member card (idVER™) to access the networks’ Level 2 chargers. Although most charging stations are free in BC, members can purchase credits online to access the stations that require payment. If you forget your card, you can still use the station by calling the network agent. Mobile users with a data plan can download a free app online and use it to access any of the networks’ available charging stations. Visit AddEnergie website and sign up for an idVER™ card.