Your EV

Electric Vehicles for Everyday Driving

PlugInJazzFest3Plug-in electric vehicles are a smart and convenient consumer choice. All EVs will cover typical daily driving needs in one charge without using expensive fuel or producing harmful emissions.

Many drivers enjoy the unique experience of driving an EV. With no gears, they offer instant acceleration for a smooth ride. No gas engine means a quiet atmosphere. There are several different styles of the vehicles to choose from, for more information on different types of cars and charging systems visit EV101.

Benefits for Drivers

EV drivers are now eligible to drive in the HOV lane.  Read more about this benefit HERE.

Resources for Drivers

Information on charging your EV and where to find stations can be found under the Charging section. Visit BC Hydro’s Electric Vehicle Owners and Drivers page for more information on buying and electric vehicle in B.C. and charging electric vehicles.


British Columbia’s EV drivers are leading the electric vehicle revolution in Canada. The success of the early work of Plug in BC led to the availability of BC’s first consumer EV

Do you love your EV and want to become an EV Ambassador? You can be part of Emotive campaign and help raise awareness about plug-in electric vehicles.  Visit the Participate page for information on how to tell your story.

You can also connect with other drivers by joining local groups such as: Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) ,and by attending a Plug In BC event listed on our calendar.