Electric Vehicles Can be Ideal for Fleets

Plug-in electric vehicles are ideal for fleets, in the right application. They can save fleet managers substantial money on fuel, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, reduce operational cost fluctuations associated with volatile gas prices, and improve the organization’s environmental impact.

10505570_304585009701093_78427974373363237_nBC fleets are some of Canada’s first adopters of electric vehicles. In 2010-2011, Fraser Basin Council helped the early work of Plug in BC by linking up auto manufacturers and BC fleets that were ready to introduce plug-in electric vehicles. This led to roll-out of BC’s first Mitsubishi iMiev, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo Electric vehicles.


Plug_In_BC_EV_Suitability_Modelling_Project_-_White_Paper-smcovBecause electric vehicles are relatively new, it’s important to understand which applications they are best suited for. A Fleet Suitability Assessment was conducted by Plug In BC in partnership with Fleet Carma to provide insight into where electric vehicles make sense in fleets and how much money they can save over their lifetimes. Download the full report here.

West Coast Electric Fleets

WestCoast Electric fleets

Since 2008, the Province of B.C. has been working with the Pacific Coast States (Washington, Oregon and California) under the Pacific Coast Collaborative to collaborate on clean energy, research and innovation, and development a sustainable regional economy. PCC jurisdictions have been working to develop a network of fueling locations that support clean, energy efficient vehicles. This network is referred to as the West Coast Green Highway, and the DC Fast charging stations in B.C. are part of that network. In 2013, British Columbia signed a Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy with the Pacific Coast States that includes a commitment to expand the deployment of zero emission vehicles, aiming for 10 percent of new vehicle purchases in public and private fleets by 2016.

To support the PCC goal, a West Coast Electric Fleets toolkit has been created to provide fleet managers access to resources. In addition, a fleet pledge has been developed to align organizations around a common goal. If your organization has a fleet and is interested in supporting the use of electric vehicles, consider signing on to the fleet pledge, and join a peer network of fleet managers and owners along the coast committed to supporting the use of ZEV technology. View the pledge online, or contact us here for more information.

Fleet Performance

For support in improving your overall fleet’s performance, consider joining E3 Fleet. E3 Fleet is Canada’s first and only national program dedicated to green performance by fleets of vehicles. As a member you can receive a custom fleet assessment and rating service. Learn more at www.e3fleet.com

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