Electric Fleets

Join the wave of BC fleets that are going electric.

Going electric allows fleets to save on operational costs and reduce emissions. The CleanBC Go Electric Program is designed to encourage zero emission vehicle (ZEV) deployment, technology innovation and growth in clean economy jobs in British Columbia. Through a variety of programs, fleets can access

  1. rebates to reduce the cost barriers for fleets
  2. tools, learning opportunities and a community of electric fleets
  3. advising for transitioning fleets to zero-emission vehicles

See the fleet specific programs below. Plug In BC does not administer all of them, but we are excited to share these opportunities.

It’s time to reconnect!

Join us for a single day forum to experience the newest electric fleet vehicles, March 6, 2024, in North Vancouver. We will have test-drives and ride-alongs, plus unique specialty-use vehicles at the leading edge of fleet electrification! Hear about the benefits and opportunities available to your fleet, and learn about the Go Electric rebates provided to businesses and consumers.

CleanBC Go Electric Fleet Charging

The CleanBC Go Electric Fleet Charging program aims to support fleets in their transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by providing training, advisory services, and financial supports.

B.C. fleets can access rebates for ZEV readiness assessments, infrastructure assessments and upgrades as well as the purchase and installation of charging infrastructure to support the future of their fleets. For a limited time, eligible fleets can access enhanced rebates for the Go Electric Fleet Charging program.

CleanBC Go Electric Rebates (formerly SUVI)

The Go Electric Rebates Program provides rebates on electric motorcycles, utility trucks, buses & more.

The purchaser or lessee of an eligible vehicle can receive money back by applying to the program. Successful applicants will receive a rebate of 33% of the vehicle MSRP to a maximum dependent on the vehicle class and category. The amounts are subject to change and may be adjusted during the program period. Additionally, fleets are limited to no more than 10 rebates per organization.

Applications for any vehicle category incentive must be received within 90 days of purchasing the vehicle.

Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

The Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of zero-emission vehicle fleet procurements. It can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios.

West Coast Electric Fleets

West Coast Electric Fleets is an initiative of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC), a joint initiative of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to accelerate a vibrant, low-carbon economy on the West Coast. On October 28, 2013, the Governors and Premier of the PCC jurisdictions announced the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy.

CleanBC Go Electric Commercial Vehicle Pilots Program

The CVP program is intended to accelerate the adoption of commercial zero-emission vehicles, including medium and heavy-duty on-road vehicles (weight class 3 through 8), as well as rail, marine, aircraft and off-road equipment. Eligible applicants can compete to receive up to one-third of total costs in rebates for vehicles and charging/fuelling infrastructure.