Emotive is a B.C. wide campaign to raise public awareness about plug-in electric vehicles.

emotive_picThe goal of the campaign is to inform the public about how FUN it is to drive an EV, without promoting one brand over another. It is led by Plug in BC with EV Ambassadors and Community Partners.

Join the community on Facebook or check out www.emotivebc.ca to find out about upcoming events, contests, and relevant news.

Become an EV Ambassador!

If you’re an EV owner, or are passionate about EVs and want to help promote electric cars in B.C., we encourage you to sign up to become an EV Ambassador. We’re always welcoming new Ambassadors to volunteer at events, or share their EV stories with us through social media. We also offer EV Ambassador training as part of the Community Outreach Event Kit.

Bring Emotive into your community! 

Any organization or local government can bring Emotive to their community events. Plug in BC has created a Community Outreach Event Kit that is available for community partners and EV Ambassadors to use. Materials include: branded t-shirts, banner, rack cards, training and more. We encourage you to contact us for more information about the Outreach Kit, and host an electric vehicle event of your own!

The Emotive campaign is funded in part by the Province of British Columbia.