Emotive Community Outreach Incentive Program

2020/21: Funding up to $10,000 for electric vehicle outreach projects.

Emotive Campaign

Emotive is an outreach and awareness campaign that encourages the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in B.C. Emotive acts as a collaborative campaign with many implementation partners interested in EV education and outreach in communities across the province.

The Emotive Community Outreach Incentive Program (COIP), funded by the Province of British Columbia, offers financial assistance to B.C. communities, organizations, and local governments to assist them in delivering local/regional Emotive electric vehicle (EV) outreach. The intent of the Program is to empower communities to deliver locally appropriate Emotive campaign activities that raise the awareness and profile of EVs.

Funding for the COIP is provided by the Government of B.C.’s CleanBC Go Electric Program and is administered by Plug In BC (a program of the Fraser Basin Council Society). Additional information on the CleanBC Go Electric Program is available in the program guide (Appendix A – Background).

For 2020/21 we are looking for project proposals that not only promote EV awareness in B.C., but also provide opportunities for youth employment (ages 18-30) within your community, or organization.

This year we are launching the #LiveElectric campaign within the Emotive brand. The campaign focuses on how EVs fit into all sorts of different lifestyles of British Columbians. You’ll see a new website and animated videos coming soon, plus redesigned print material, t-shirts, banners and other Emotive assets.


Apply for financial support to run EV education and outreach activities in your community. In the past, many of these activities have been public EV test drive events and community forums. To ensure safe social distancing practices , we have provided a list of ideas that may act as alternative ideas to in-person events and other gatherings (see Activities for Community Outreach below).

Applicants can apply for up to $5,000 to support EV outreach activities in their community, or up to $10,000 for a campaign that will span across multiple communities. Multiple community campaign funding will only be offered for activities which serve multiple communities and therefore require additional expenses. Those applications which are able to show how projects support youth employment within communities or organizations will be prioritized.

Activities/Events Cancelled Due to Emergencies

If an activity or event is cancelled due to an emergency, the COIP recipient will be invited to submit a new application for an alternative activity to be completed before March 15, 2021, OR the recipient can receive an extension for the same activity to be completed before March 15, 2022.

Activities for Community Outreach

The following suggestions are not exhaustive. The list is meant to provide you with ideas of activities that can be done will practicing safe social distancing. Feel free to include any of these in your application or send us something entirely new!

Plug In BC Support

Fraser Basin Council staff on the Plug In BC team are able to offer limited support via email or phone. Support includes advice on engagement activity/event logistics, local partner search, marketing and communications, connecting with Emotive ambassadors, and connecting with the Emotive Campaign Network to share success stories. Support will depend on staff availability and may be deferred to the Campaign Network or an Emotive Ambassador.

The Emotive Campaigns Network operates as a hub/network where communities can collaborate on best practices, challenges and activities in local and regional campaigns (find additional information in Appendix A of the program guide).

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applicants include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, local governments, and Indigenous groups/organizations in British Columbia.

Applicants must meet the following Eligibility Criteria:

Application Process

Application process to receive funding support:

  1. Review the Emotive Outreach Incentive Program guide
    1. Read carefully the eligibility, application and award process in this document.
  2. Review application questions and prepare a budget. See: Appendix B – Application Questions
  3. Submit your application and budget online through LimeSurvey between September 17 – October 9, 2020*

*We may continue a rolling intake after October 9, 2020 if funds remain.

There’s more

See more details and activity suggestions in the complete program guide. Send questions to Michael, mstanyer@pluginbc.ca, referencing COIP 2020 in the subject.

Emotive is one of a suite of programs offered under the Province of BC’s CleanBC Go Electric Program. The Emotive program is funded through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and is administered by the Fraser Basin Council Society.

For more information, please Michael, mstanyer@pluginbc.ca