Emotive Community Outreach Event Kit

OutreachMaterialsDo you want to promote electric vehicle use in your community? Community outreach toolkits are available for local governments from Emotive.

The Kit includes:

  • Rack Card – Information on the Emotive campaign and how to connect with our online community
  • Free Give-aways such as branded t-shirts
  • EV conversation starters, key messages, FAQs and activities (trivia games, contest info etc.)
  • EV presentation training
  • Details on how to access a knowledgeable network of Emotive Campaign EV Ambassadors and how to become an EV Ambassador
  • Photo/Video Waiver a signed waiver ensures photos and videos of people at events can be posted online

Contact the Fraser Basin Council to receive a kit.

Emotive: the electric vehicle experience is a new campaign led by Plug in BC, a collaborative of public and non-profit organizations that aims to connect citizens and fleet managers to the feel of driving an electric vehicle.

Author: Plug in BC
Publisher: Fraser Basin Council
Date Released: July 2014
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