Case Studies

Check out these BC case study examples on the introduction of EV charging stations:

City of Nanaimo

EVSE-Case-Study_NanaimoThe Nanaimo City fleet includes one electric golf cart, three Nissan Leafs, one Ford Ranger conversion and trucks that operate on biodiesel.

Stations & Locations:

  • 4 Level 2 stations
  • 2 Level 2s at Beban Park on Municipal Land;
  • 1 Level 2 at Port Theatre parkade;
  • 1 Level 2 at Vancouver Island Conference Centre parkade

EVSE Vendor: Eaton
Project Cost:

  • EVSE: ~2,000/unit ($8,075 for 4)
  • Beban Park structure: $2,000;
  • Signage for 3 locations: $600;
  • Infrastructure upgrades (sidewalk,
  • wiring, installation, etc…): ~$9,325

Resort Municipality of Whistler

EVSE-Case-Study_WhistlerWhistler’s first charging stations were launched for the 2010 Olympic Games, before charging station standards had been published. This meant that Whistler had to design its own 240V stations for the parking stalls.

Stations & Locations:

  • 1 Level 1/2 combination station at
    Municipal Hall;

EVSE Vendor: Coulomb ChargePoint
Project Cost:

  • Project Cost: $7,000
  • Installed EVSE: $7,000
  • Annual fee for ChargePoint network: ~$300/year


Royal Bay Bakery

royalbaybakeryColwood’s Royal Bay Bakery is powered in-part by solar and so is the owner’s electric vehicle. Watch the YouTube video describing how.