Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive.

Purchase an eligible vehicle. Apply for your rebate. Receive up to $50,000 back.

SUVI rebates are now available for fleets purchasing cargo e-bikes. Looking for more information on e-bikes for individuals? See a summary here.


The SUVI Program provides rebates on cargo e-bikes, electric motorcycles, utility trucks, buses & more!

Applicants for cargo e-bikes, on road medium and heavy duty vehicles, utility vehicles, airport, and port specialty vehicles must have a valid B.C. business licence or be a non-profit organization or a public entity. 

The Utility Vehicle category has been added. See requirements for those vehicles below.

The Forklift category of the program has been removed. All forklift orders that can show proof of deposit before the removal of the forklift category on August 5th 2020, will be eligible to receive the incentive as long as they still meet all the original program criteria.

The purchaser or lessee of an eligible vehicle can receive money back by applying to the program. The rebate will be limited to a maximum of 33% of the vehicle MSRP regardless of the total incentive amount indicated in a vehicle category. The amounts are subject to change and may be adjusted during the program period. Additionally, fleets are limited to no more than 5 rebates per organization.

Applications for any vehicle category incentive must be received within 90 days of purchasing the vehicle.

Electric vehicles, low-speed and cargo e-bikes

Individuals can apply for electric motorcycle rebates, including limited-speed motorcycles. Additional options, including cargo e-bikes, are available for fleets.

Medium, heavy-duty, airport and port specialty vehicles

Fleets can apply for rebates on clean energy buses, trucks, terminal tractors and more.

Utility vehicles

Fleets can apply for rebates on eligible all-terrain vehicles, off-road side-by-side vehicles, and snowmobiles and more.


The forklift category of the program has been removed.

Incentive Amounts for Leased Vehicles

Leased vehicles are eligible for an incentive depending on the term of the lease and whether the vehicle is used for personal or fleet purposes as shown below. To qualify for the full value of the incentive, a minimum 36-month lease is required for non-fleet applicants. If the applicant breaks the lease, the applicant will be required to return the difference between the original lease time incentive and the actual lease time incentive.

Rebates for individuals

Individuals can apply for rebates when purchasing eligible electric motorcycles and low-speed vehicles, including limited-speed motorcycles.

Rebates for fleets

Businesses and other organizations with fleets can apply for rebates on clean energy low speed vehicles, motorcycles, on-road medium and heavy duty vehicles, port and airport specialty vehicles.


Applicant Eligibility

The SUVI Program is available to individuals, and to public and private fleets in British Columbia. Individuals may only access incentives for low-speed vehicles and electric motorcycles. Fleets may access all vehicle categories, but at this time are limited to a max of 5 rebates. The purchaser / lessee of the vehicle must be a person, business, non-profit, or public entity that is based in British Columbia or that has a British Columbia-based affiliate. All businesses must provide a valid B.C. business license when submitting an application to the Program.

Vehicle Eligibility

This Program supports electric and hydrogen vehicles in a variety of vehicle applications including motorcycles, low-speed vehicles and unique service vehicles, referred to as specialty-use vehicles. Only vehicles on the list are eligible for the incentive.

Manufacturers wishing to add their product to the list must complete and follow the instructions on the OEM Application. Manufacturers or suppliers, please contact Daniel.Clancy@gov.bc.ca if you have any questions or updates to the list of eligible vehicles.

This Program targets specialty-use vehicles that are not included in the CleanBC Go Electric passenger vehicle rebates. Only new vehicles are eligible for incentives; previously used or conversions are not eligible.

In the case of cargo e-bikes not currently on the eligible vehicle list that don’t have a standard model, such as a non-electric cargo e-bike converted using an electric kit, rebate support can potentially be offered as long as the cargo bicycle and electrification kit are newly purchased. Please email SUVI@pluginbc.ca.

Additional eligibility information


To apply to this Program, an applicant must complete the Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive Application online form in full and provide all necessary supporting documentation (final bill of sale that includes VIN, model, name and address of purchaser/lessee, purchase date and price; business license if applicable). The completed application and supporting documentation must be submitted no later than 90 days after the vehicle purchase and before March 31, 2022 in order to qualify for the incentive.

If the application is accepted, Plug In BC staff will initiate the rebate process with the applicant. If the Program is modified or terminated, a completed eligible application form received prior to a change or the termination will be administered in accordance with the Program as it existed effective as of the submitted date of the application.


How many incentives can I/we apply for?

An individual or fleet may receive a maximum of 5 rebates from the Program. Requests for more than 5 rebates will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does the vehicle have to be based in BC?

Yes, to receive a vehicle incentive the vehicle must remain plated, registered, and insured in British Columbia in the applicant’s name for at least 12 months from date of sale.

Are converted vehicles eligible for the incentive?

No, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or its authorized licensee must manufacture the vehicle.

How many incentives are available?

The program has a limited budget, all applications are subject to available program funds.

How quickly do I need to apply once I’ve purchased the vehicle?

You must apply within 90 days of purchasing the vehicle in order to be eligible for the rebate.

Do I need to physically have the vehicle before I apply?

You must have made your order and purchased the vehicle, however, if the vehicle hasn’t yet been delivered you may still apply. Note you will be required to supply the VIN now or at some point in the future.

How do I add my vehicle to the eligibility list?

Manufacturers wishing to add their vehicle to the eligibility list, must complete the OEM Application.

The Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive Program is one of a suite of programs offered under the Province of BC’s CleanBC Go Electric Program. The program is funded through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and is administered by the Fraser Basin Council Society.

For more information, please contact suvi@pluginbc.ca