About Us

The Plug in BC Collaboration

Plug In BC is a program of the Fraser Basin Council and is a broad collaborative between government, industry, academic institutions, EV owners, NGOs and utilities. The program lays the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and related charging infrastructure in British Columbia.

Plug In BC provides a central source for information and initiatives that are supporting the electric vehicle market, including:

Our Team

Charlotte Argue

Program Manager

Charlotte Argue has been involved in supporting electric vehicle market uptake in the province for nearly a decade. Her roles have included facilitating early adoption in fleets, and administering the provincial charging infrastructure rollout. Additionally, Charlotte helps steer Emotive, the Electric Vehicle Experience – a multi-partner EV outreach campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of electric cars.

Charlotte has an extensive background in sustainability, climate change and energy-related issues. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.(Hons)) from the University of British Columbia and joined the Fraser Basin Council in 2009.




Matthew Klippenstein

EV Advisor

Prior to joining FBC, Matthew worked in the fuel cell industry and as a renewable energy consultant. Matthew is the first person to chronicle the Canadian plug-in electric vehicle market; his statistics on EV sales (2011-present) can be found at tinyurl.com/CanadaEVSales. He has written extensively about zero emission transportation and clean energy technologies, and also co-hosts the “Cleantech Talk” podcast. Matthew received a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in chemical engineering from the University of British Columbia in 1999 and joined the Fraser Basin Council in 2018.




Julia Bronson

Program Coordinator

Julia Bronson is a Program Coordinator for the Climate Change and Air Quality Program at the Fraser Basin Council and the Plug In BC program. She helps to coordinate FBC’s zero-emission vehicle adoption and green fleet initiatives. Julia also works on the deployment of the Emotive EV public outreach campaign. She has extensive experience in online and in-person engagement around electric vehicles, clean energy and sustainability.