Fleet Business Case Assessment

EV Suitability Assessment

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Applications for the EV suitability assessment with FleetCarma are now closed, but the EV Telematics applications for FleetCarma are still being accepted. For fleets interested in a EV suitability assessment for a group of 10 vehicles or less, FBC will conduct a simple assessment for you at no cost.

The currently available assessment for a group of 10 vehicles or less looks at existing duty cycles of gas and diesel vehicles in the fleet, and provides a comprehensive analysis of which EVs currently available would be viable replacement vehicles. The report also provides a full cost analysis of acting on the recommendations for replacing vehicles.

If interested please contact Charlotte Argue – pluginbc@fraserbasin.bc.ca or 604.488.5365.

EV Telematics

If FCP participants already have EVs in their fleet, they may apply for free EV telematics. This allows fleets to track metrics of existing EVs to understand in detail the cost of operation, and to help make the business case to increase adoption, and/or shift to better drive and duty cycles.

What’s Involved?

Successful applicants will be provided with telematic devices will include a 2-year free license from FleetCarma, allowing FleetCarma to report vehicle usage information back to the fleet manager. Fleets must apply for a minimum of five devices. These devices will be provided free of charge, and become the property of the fleet. FleetCarma EV telematic devices can work with certain EV charging stations to offer a suite of additional features. Read more about the EV monitoring system on the FleetCarma site.

Participation in this program is FREE for BC Fleet Champions Program participants. Note the program includes fleet loggers that come with a free license good for up to 2-years from confirmed delivery of the devices OR January 27, 2019, whichever comes first.


To apply, download the application form and fill in all details on your fleet vehicles including which EVs you’d prefer receive an assessment. We will work with you to identify which are the best candidates for the assessment. Return the completed form to pluginbc@fraserbasin.bc.ca with the subject line ‘FCP Business Case Development’.

Note: The numbers of available devices are limited, and the program will close once at capacity.


Contact Charlotte Argue – pluginbc@fraserbasin.bc.ca or 604.488.5369