Navigating Stratas


The process of installing an EVSE or charging station in a MURB may seem complicated.  This page is meant to offer guidance to applicants to make the process a quick and simple one. The steps offered below are complementary to the steps applicants must complete as part of the application.  These are meant to be used by tenants and strata council or property managers.  Applicants should also visit our Resource Library and view a guide to charging in stratas published by BOMA BC.  Checklists are also provided by Metro Vancouver for both residents or homeowners, and for strata councils or property managers.

We have a new resource for stratas.  Now available are user agreement and bylaw templates for stratas to become EV ready.  Of course these are not meant to be substitutes for seeking legal counsel.

Navigating the Process

The first step is to:

  • Research what charger would work best for you or your building occupants
  • Find out if your MURB already has a policy for charger installation

The second step is to:

  • Identify locations for the charging station(s), who would own, manage and maintain the station, and benefits to the building
  • Submit a draft Bylaw, if one doesn’t already exist. For council and homeowners approval, submit a plan to the governing body of your MURB for charger installation

The third step is to:

  • Receive approval from the governing body of your building


  • Hire a certified electrician to perform the installation of the charging station(s)


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