City of Vancouver goes 100% EV in New Builds

On March 14, 2018, the City of Vancouver Council approved several actions that will provide charging for future residents of Vancouver. The Council approved a recommendation to increase the percentage of EV-ready parking stalls in multi-unit residential buildings from 20% to 100%. To finish out the meeting the Council also voted to fund more DC Fast Chargers and Level 2 charging stations in the city.

The City of Vancouver was one of the first jurisdictions to require EV-ready stalls in new construction since 2009. Originally the requirement was single family homes had to have 1 EV-ready stall, multi-unit residential buildings had to have 20% of parking as EV-ready, and commercial buildings had to have 10% of parking as EV-ready. Vancouver joins other municipalities, such as Richmond, that have increased the % of EV-ready stalls in multi-unit residential buildings. Many building contractors were already going beyond the original 20% goal.

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