City of Vancouver Steps Up With Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Strategy

November 17, 2016

The City of Vancouver announced plans for the EV Ecosystem Strategy. The strategy identifies 32 priority actions, with funding of $3 million, the city will deliver on between 2016 and 2021 with the goal of:

1) Expanding access to home and workplace charging.

2) Improve the public charging network.

3) Integrate EV infrastructure planning into core City processes.

The strategy allocates $2 million for public fast charging hubs resulting in 20-25 fast charging stations, $500,000 to install an additional 40 public Level 2 stations, and another $500,000 to incentive Multi-unit Residential Building and Workplace charging retrofits.

Vancouver believes that 100% renewable transportation is possible by 2050 with this strategy.

Check out the Vancouver EV Ecosystem page or jump over to the PowerPoint presentation for quick facts.