Coquitlam’s School District 43 goes electric

Coquitlam School District is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact through many programs and initiatives. They have recently purchased a fully electric vehicle in order to reduce mobile emissions from their fleet, which are one of the main contributors to the District’s carbon footprint. The District places importance on sustainability leadership and enforcing their commitment to meet GHG reduction goals.

With help from the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets program, the District has replaced their existing security van with a Kia Soul EV, their first fully electric vehicle.  The old security van was the most used vehicle in the fleet, traditionally traveling 200km per day within the District. It consumed approximately 7700 liters of gasoline annually and emitted around 18,318 kgs of GHGs into the atmosphere.  The new EV has a range of 260km on a fully charged battery and charges from completely empty to full in 7 hours from a level 2 charging station.

The District has high hopes of adding more electric vehicles to the fleet and to the streets as more options become available. Jack Choules, Supervisor of Security and Stores loves the electric concept.  “It just feels right”, he said. “we are driving around all day and not harming the environment one bit”.