Emotive: How to get involved

10615608_317030578456536_3026754109593059504_nWe have launched a public outreach campaign called “Emotive” aiming to raise awareness of plug-in electric vehicles in British Columbia.

Our goal is for everyone to know that electric vehicles (EVs) offer a smooth, powerful and quiet ride, which makes them fun to drive. We are inviting the public to test drive an electric car and connect with Emotive online: www.emotivebc.ca.

Emotive relies on the contribution of two types of partners:

  1. EV Ambassadors: EV owners who bring their voices to the campaign. These individuals will amplify messages online and at events.
  2. Community Partners: Organizations that can help bring Emotive into events. Emotive Community Outreach Event kits and collateral are available for use at public events. Contact us for outreach materials.

We want you to be involved!

VEVARelevant EV news, videos, and stories are frequently shared through social media and other online tools. You can help by sharing your story. Check out our Facebook and encourage people to connect with Emotive to join the EV revolution!

If you have ideas of how to broaden the reach of this campaign, or are interested in participating more directly in its implementation, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us with ideas, questions and suggestions.