Emotive Campaigns Network Meetings, Fall 2023

Emotive is a B.C. wide outreach and awareness campaign that encourages the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in B.C. Emotive acts as a collaborative campaign with many implementation partners interested in EV education and outreach in communities across the province.

Plug In BC staff hold Emotive meetings throughout the year so that our project partners can gather, check in on events and educational materials they are developing, and compare notes about EV outreach. These meetings are for organizations that use the Emotive brand and materials, or those who are looking to begin such work.

There will be two Campaigns Network Meetings for Fall 2023

November 23 Meeting, 1:00 pm.

This meeting will introduce Community Outreach Incentive Projects (COIP) from 2023, plus events that Plug In BC staff organized and other projects from the network. We will reflect on Fully Charged Live and discuss the upcoming Vancouver International Auto Show (March 2024).

This meeting’s discussion topic will be time to share ideas about “What does NACS adoption among automakers will mean for drivers in B.C.?”

December 7 Meeting, 1:00 PM.

In this meeting we will briefly provide updates about any ongoing COIP projects. Plug In BC staff will share their thoughts on using an F-150 Lightning and charging stations throughout the province over the past event season.

This meeting’s discussion topic will be “How do we talk with family and friends about switching to EVs and other efforts to reduce emissions?”

Please contact Michael Stanyer if you have any questions about these meetings: mstanyer@pluginbc.ca