Emotive EV Test-Drives 2023

Emotive is an educational campaign that helps drivers learn about electric vehicles in B.C. We visit existing events, or arrange our own “EV Experience” events throughout the province, and bring electric vehicles so that community members can test drive them. That way, people get to try the vehicles even if they aren’t currently shopping for a new car; as EVs become more available at rental agencies and car-share programs, it’s a good idea to get some time behind the wheel. And if drivers are preparing for a new vehicle, we are happy to talk them through the details of going electric!

EV test-drive event, 2022

Research shows that experiencing EVs first-hand is the most impactful way to learn about them. Once you feel the smooth, quiet power of electric motors, concerns about range and performance take a back seat. So, we are eager to give drivers all over the province a chance to test one of these exciting new vehicles. Plus, we are also EV experts, happy to answer any questions about charging and driving electric in B.C.

We are prioritizing test-drive events with Indigenous communities throughout the province. Our staff will bring an electric vehicle, along with our event kit including resources about vehicle types, charging stations and EV road trips. There is no cost to have us to visit, and we will cover expenses such as facility rentals, event insurance and volunteer rewards.

Test-drives are typically 15-20 minutes, but we are flexible! Let us know about other ideas that drivers in your community may be interested in, like going on longer drives in small groups or visiting local charging stations.

Request a test-drive event by contacting emotive@pluginbc.ca

Learn more about electric vehicles in B.C. at www.emotivebc.ca