CleanBC Go Electric Fleets Program

The Province of BC is pleased to announce the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets Program, a program designed to support Provincial action on climate change and reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions.

Funding received through Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCAN’s) ZEVIP is being added to the program for a limited time. ZEVIP will be used to top-up rebates offered for the installation of Level 2 and DCFC charging stations. See the Charging Infrastructure page or Charging Infrastructure Rebates section below.

Respectful communications and Zero-Tolerance Policy

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Funded by the Province and administered by Fraser Basin Council Society (FBC), the program supports fleets in British Columbia in their efforts toward deploying Zero-Emission vehicles by offering technical and financial support through:

  1. Resources and tools via the West Coast Electric Fleets Toolkit,
  2. Training sessions and webinars,
  3. Zero-emission Vehicle (ZEV) Fleet Advisor,
  4. Rebates for ZEV Fleet Assessment,
  5. Rebates for Facility Assessment,
  6. Rebates for Electrical Infrastructure,
  7. Rebates for the purchase and installation of charging stations.

FBC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


This Program is open to B.C. registered companies, non-profit organizations and public entities.

While access to the Toolkit and West Coast Electric Fleet (WCEF) webinars are available to all fleets, Go Electric Fleets Program funding and technical support are restricted to fleets that are based in British Columbia and have taken the West Coast Electric Vehicle pledge at Express Lane level, or higher: Committing to at least 10% ZEVs for all new fleet vehicle procurement by 2025 and annually revisiting this pledge to consider a higher ZEV procurement goal. All BC-based fleets who have taken the pledge are considered as Go Electric Fleets Program participants.

Stacking with Other Programs

  • Go Electric Fleets (GEF) rebates cannot be stacked with other programs that also receive Provincial funding.
  • Applicants cannot stack GEF rebates for fleet assessments, ZEV infrastructure assessments, or electrical infrastructure rebates with BC Hydro rebates for the EV Ready Fleet plan and the Electrical Infrastructure incentive. If using BCH for infrastructure and GEF for chargers, that is acceptable.
  • Applicants are not permitted to receive federal ZEVIP funding from different delivery organizations and must disclose if they have applied for or received ZEVIP funding from another ZEVIP delivery organization.
  • If an applicant receives funding from NRCan’s ZEVIP through another program in B.C., then they cannot access the GEF program.
  • Other government funding may be stacked providing that Total Government Funding shall not exceed Seventy Five percent (75%) of the total project costs, except in the case where the Ultimate Recipient is a provincial, territorial, regional, or municipal government or their department or agency, in which case, the Total Government Funding shall not exceed One Hundred percent (100%) of the total project costs.
  • The Province continues to reserve the right to not allow stacking with any particular program.


All fleets (Go Electric Fleets Program participants and non-participants alike) are encouraged to sign up for the WCEF newsletter to receive notification of quarterly trainings and webinars, and for news and information related to EV adoption in fleets.

Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Fleet Advisor

FBC through the Go Electric Fleets Program will offer a ZEV Fleet Advisor. The ZEV Fleet Advisor will provide expert support to fleets at no cost in the form of consultation, education and advice. The services provided by the ZEV Fleet Advisor are offered to guide and support fleets through the steps required for fleet procurement of ZEVs, including development of business cases, suitability assessments, installation of infrastructure, electrical assessments of facilities, and completing electrical modifications or service upgrades.

Fleet Assessment Support

The Go Electric Fleets Program will offer fleet assessments, to understand the business case for replacing fossil fuelled vehicles with ZEVs, based on real data.  The program will provide financial assistance for fleets for the Business Case Development by installing telematics tools or simple assessment without telematics.

ZEV Infrastructure Assessment Support

To help organizations plan for the installation of chargers and manage electricity use when electrifying their fleets, the Go Electric Fleets Program will provide financial support for customers to undertake an electrical assessment of their facilities. This will help to determine fleet-specific charging and electrical needs and plan accordingly.

Electrical Infrastructure Support

If a facilities assessment determines that electrical modification and/or electrical service upgrades are needed to support fleet electrification, the Go Electric Fleets Program will provide financial support for the electrical work needed to provide enough energy to support a ZEV fleet.

Charging Infrastructure Rebates

Charging infrastructure rebates are available to the Go Electric Fleets Program participants for the installation of Level 2 and DC fast charging stations for fleet use. Program will provide financial assistance to customers to design, procure and install charging infrastructure, to be used by the fleet.

Use the online application form to apply for either of these funding options.  Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The amount of funding is limited, so apply today!

CleanBC Go Electric Fleets one of a suite of programs offered under the Province of BC’s CleanBC Go Electric Program. The program is funded through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and is administered by the Fraser Basin Council Society.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada

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