Emotive is a B.C. wide campaign to raise public awareness about plug-in electric vehicles.

emotive_picThe goal of the campaign is to inform the public about how FUN it is to drive an EV, without promoting one brand over another. It is led by Plug in BC with EV Ambassadors and Community Partners.

Join the community on Facebook or check out www.emotivebc.ca to find out about upcoming events, contests, and relevant news.

Become an EV Ambassador!

If you’re an EV owner, or are passionate about EVs and want to help promote electric cars in BC, we encourage you to sign up to become an EV Ambassador. We’re always welcoming new Ambassadors to volunteer at events or share their EV stories with us through social media. We also offer EV Ambassador training as part of the Community Outreach Event Kit.

Call for Applicants!

The Emotive Community Outreach Incentive Program offers support and funding to communities and local governments in British Columbia to assist with delivering Emotive electric vehicle (EV) outreach. The program is designed to empower individuals, communities, and organizations to deliver Emotive activities and events that raise awareness about plug-in EVs throughout BC.

The incentive program offers the provision of Emotive event materials and/or funding.

Any organization or local government can bring Emotive to their community. Hosting an Emotive EV activity is a fun way to engage communities in raising the awareness and the profile of EVs. A successful Emotive activity could include: an Emotive info booth or table, ride and drive, or an EV 101 presentation. Get creative and let us know how you can promote EVs in your community.

The 2018 application intake is now closed. Please check back early 2019 for next year’s application round.

Program Details:
  1. Funding Levels and Program Description 
  2. Program Deadlines
  3. How to Apply
Read more details below and email info@emotivebc.ca with your questions.

Event Kit Support

Any organization or local government can bring Emotive to their community events. Plug in BC has created a Community Outreach Event Kit that is available for community partners and EV Ambassadors to use.  The Emotive Event Kit includes either a digital and/or physical Emotive Event Kit to equip you with some basic EV outreach materials. Great to equip an outreach booth you may be planning. Request a kit by emailing info@emotivebc.ca.

Level 1 Event Support

Level 1 A is the Emotive Event Incentive. This includes a digital Emotive Event Kit, up to $5000 (75% upfront and 25% after campaign report received), and limited activity support from Plug In BC. Apply for this for financial and training support to run EV event(s) (such as a ride and drive or public engagement forum).

Level 1 B is the Emotive Event Support Team. This includes the provision of an Emotive support team or event coordinator to help deliver your event or activity. Communities that have limited staff time and capacity to run an event should apply for Level 1B to retain an event coordinator who can be available to supplement organizational capacity.

Level 2 Campaign Support

Level 2 Emotive Campaign Incentive includes a digital Emotive Event Kit, up to $15k (75% upfront and 25% after campaign report received) and limited activity support from Plug In BC. This is for larger campaign plans, such as multiple events (3+), or a series of engagement activities, or creative assets.

Level 1 and 2 Eligibility

Eligible applicants include NGOs, businesses, local governments and First Nations in British Columbia. Additional eligibility criteria, terms and conditions are listed in the program description and eligibility document available for download below.

Program Deadlines (come back early 2019 for next year’s incentive round)

Application opening date: June 4, 2018

Application closing date: June 24, 2018

Contracts awarded by June 30, 2018

You must use funds for activities before April 1, 2019

Read all program details before you apply, and to identify which support option is right for you!

Downloadable Program Documents and Templates

    1. Program description
    2. Budget template
    3. Emotive Official Mark Consent Agreement

Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is the administrator of this program on behalf of the Province of BC