A Gap Analysis For B.C.’s Fast Charging Infrastructure

BC DCFC Gap Analysis Report

DCFC Gap Analysis Report offers recommendations for the next phase of fast charging station deployment in B.C. With the renewal of the Clean Energy Vehicle Program, introduced on April 1 2015, the Province of British Columbia will be supporting up to 20 new Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) to help address some of the geographic gaps in B.C.’s network (for a total of 50 stations).

The report recommendations are based on the consideration of existing and planned stations, user demand, real-world factors that impact electric vehicle range, and stakeholder recommendations. The report was published by the Fraser Basin Council.

The report findings show that promoting a faster EV uptake and extending the range of electric travel for current EV drivers could be attained by adopting a so-called EV tourism approach — focusing on urban metropolis areas with high EV adoption rates and connecting them to strategic neighbouring destinations.

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