Calculate Annual Charging Costs

A 110v wall outlet on a 10A circuit provides 1.1 kWh of electricity per hour, or 13.2 kWh of electricity over a 12-hour period. BC Hydro’s tier 2 rate (the higher rate) is $0.1417/kWh, so the cost of that electricity would be:

13.2 kWh x $0.1417/kWh = $1.87

This is probably an overestimate of the amount of electricity an EV would consume each evening, because 13.2 kWh of electricity would only be needed if 65 km were driven every day.

The average vehicle in BC drives about 13,000 km every year. That’s about 35 km per day and urban dwellers tend to drive less.

If you were to drive 13,000 km every year, your EV would probably consume about 13,000 km * (1 kWh / 5 km) = 2,600 kWh of electricity every year. That would cost:

2,600 kWh/year x $0.1417/kWh = $368 per year, or about $31 per month. 

(Each person’s costs will vary, of course, depending on the vehicle and how far it’s driven each year.)