Calculate Charging Times

Charging time for your EV or PHEV depends on 4 things:

– How much energy you have stored in your battery pack
– How large your battery pack is
– How robust your on-board charger is (sometimes referred to as the Vehicle Acceptance Rate)
– What the output of the charging station is

Knowing how long an EV would take to charge an empty battery is useful in determining what type of charging station you need. Some EV models are constrained by the capacity of the on-board charger, and as such it might not make sense to purchase a charger with output greater than your on-board charger can handle.

Most of the information for calculating your charging time is readily available from vehicle and charging station manufacturers. In the calculators below we assume the battery is empty and so charging times are estimates of how long it would take to fully charge the battery pack from zero charge.

If you don’t feel like calculating your charging time, Nedco, has supplied a reference sheet with common EV models and charging times.

Sometimes the output in kW of the charging station isn’t easily found, but the calculator below can help determine what that value is. Once you have the value, simply add it to the EV Charging Time calculator to figure out your estimated charging time.