E3 Fleet

PIN_E3FleetE3 FLEET is Canada’s first and only national program dedicated to green performance by fleets of vehicles.

Are you looking to improve fuel efficiency in your fleet? Reduce emissions? Introduce new fuels or technologies? E3 Fleet has tools to help.

Public and private sector fleets that join E3 Fleet have access to two member services. The first is E3 Fleet Review, a comprehensive, custom assessment of your fleet’s green performance that identifies opportunities for improvement.

The second is an E3 Fleet Rating service, which awards high performing fleets a mark of excellence (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze rating) following a points-based review and a third-party audit.
Launched by the non-profit Fraser Basin Council in 2006 with 17 Charter fleets, the E3 Fleet program today boasts 140 member fleets operating over 50,000 vehicles.

Managed by: Fraser Basin Council
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