Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements

PIN_buildingcodePreparing for an electric future

Widespread use of EVs is currently limited, but as fuel prices continue to climb, we expect that more and more people will begin to adopt this greener form of transport.

The City of Vancouver is making the transition as easily as possible, by updating building bylaws to include EV charging infrastructure requirements.

By acting now, Council is supporting early adopters, while ensuring there is capacity to support the growing demand.

Installing electric vehicle charging in new multi-family buildings
People who live in multi-family homes in urban communities tend to drive shorter distances, making EVs very practical.

To accommodate EVs in new apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, and other buildings with a minimum of three homes, City of Vancouver Council has made the following revisions to the City’s building bylaw:

  • Parking stalls – 20% of the parking stalls in every building must include a receptacle for charging cars.
  • Electrical room – The electrical room must include enough space to install any equipment necessary to provide charging for all residents in the future.

Read the complete building bylaw

Publisher: City of Vancouver
Date Released: April 2011
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