EV Fleet Modelling and Suitability Assessment

Plug_In_BC_EV_Suitability_Modelling_Project_-_White_Paper-2The EV Fleet Modelling Project report has been prepared to share some of the key elements and results of a Plug in BC innovative electric vehicle (EV) adoption program.

The purpose of the program was to provide an EV suitability assessment service to help fleets make the business and environmental case for electric vehicle adoption.

The comprehensive fleet analysis was performed by FleetCarma. The analysis informs organizational decision making in terms of the ability to integrate electric vehicles into specific fleet needs and duty cycle in a cost effective manner.

This presentation summarizes the results of an electric vehicle suitability assessment conducted with several British Columbia fleets.

Authors: FleetCarma, Plug in BC
Publisher: Fraser Basin Council
Date Released: 2013
Date Updated: Updated Feb 2014
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