Establishing an EV Accelerator Community

The Electrification Coalition based in Colorado released a report the establishment of an EV accelerator community in Northern Colorado. This area of Colorado has EV sales that are 2-3 times higher than the US national average. The report serves as a case study with transferable lessons learned.


  • Workplace charging: Having the ability to charge at work increased a consumers likelihood to purchasing an EV 6-fold. Establishing a pledge system and creating media promotional materials for it is an effective tool in encouraging workplaces to offer charging.
  • Values: Work with the existing values consumers have instead of trying to persuade them with arguments based on your own values.
  • Charging stations: Instead of scattering locations around to allow for maximum range, place stations in areas that are likely to see the greatest amount of traffic. This can be done by working with city employees familiar with traffic patterns.
  • Ride & Drives: Offering ride and drives is a great ‘gate-way’ tool to open up the discussion around offering charging at workplaces and businesses. These events are especially successful with high-tech firms and utilities. It is important to follow-up with participants after events to answer any questions and remind how fun it was to drive an EV.
  • Regulatory and policy landscape: It is important to familiarize yourself with the regulatory and policy landscape that might affect the uptake of EVs in your area. This could include building code and parking bylaws, utility regulations, and available tax or rebate incentives.
  • Coalition: A variety of stakeholders must be engaged to support EVs in the community. This includes dealerships, local planners, utilities, politicians, EV enthusiast groups, charging station providers, universities, and more.

Check out the report