West Coast Electric Fleets Toolkit

On October 28, 2013, the Governors and Premier of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) jurisdictions of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia announced the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy. A key element of the action plan was to “take actions to expand the use of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), aiming for 10 per cent of new vehicle purchases in public and private fleets by 2016.”

As a component of the PCC’s initiative to reach this goal, it is developing a toolkit for public and private fleet managers to quickly assess opportunities for ZEVs and access useful incentives and resources to assist with procurement.

The resources on this site are intended to help fleet managers:

  • Quickly assess current fleet composition and use to identify opportunities for ZEVs
  • Calculate and compare costs of incorporating ZEVs into fleets, and access information about available incentives and applicable policies
  • Access implementation resources

See also: PCC Fleet Pledge

Publisher: Pacific Coast Collaborative
Date Accessed: August 2014
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