Specialty Use Electric Vehicle Program

This program is designed to support fleets by incentivizing the adoption of electric vehicles in a variety of vehicle applications including motorcycles, low-speed vehicles and unique service vehicles. You’ll need to act fast as there is funding of only $385,000 available.

The incentive amounts vary depending on vehicle type and price:

Category Vehicle Type Incentive Amount</td>
Battery Electric Electric Motorcycle $2,000
Battery Electric Low-speed Vehicle 1) 15.9 kWh and below: $2,000

2) 16 kWh and above: $5,000

Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid/Hydrogrn Fuel Cell On Road Medium & Heavy Duty 1) MSRP below $300,000: $20,000

2) MSRP above $300,000: $50,000

Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid/Hydrogrn Fuel Cell Airport and Port Specialty Vehicles 1) MSRP below $300,000: $20,000

2) MSRP above $300,000: $50,000

For more information and to apply visit: CEV Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive