WESTCOAST Sightseeing Goes Electric

At City Hall this morning, WESTCOAST Sightseeing along with Mayor Gregor Robertson and Translink CEO Kevin Desmond announced the procurement of a BYD E-bus for the WESTCOAST Sightseeing company. This marks the first of approximately 80 vehicles that will be converted to electric over the next five years. The new buses charge in as little as three hours and can travel 300km. WESTCOAST estimates that over 2,000 tonnes of CO2e will be eliminated once the entire fleet is electrified.

Mayor Robertson also took the time to further describe the city’s commitment to the C40 Fossil Fuel Free Streets initiative. The Mayor hopes to meet these goals by growing the number and size of neighbourhood energy districts in the city.

Translink’s CEO stated that they also intend to further their commitment to electric buses after the successful demonstration earlier this spring. Translink plans to use the experience to inform the Low Carbon Fleet Strategy they’re currently undertaking.